Changing DNS for .de (Germany) Domains Names

First of all, .de domain names are Germany domain names. Your DNS must comply with certain standards.

Name Server Requirements


  • 0-13 authoritative name servers.
  • Each name server must be on a separate Class C network. This means the first three octets cannot be the same. For example, and are valid.


  • IPv4 and IPv6

Not Allowed:


Registry Control Tool:


Example : 

Open the NAST Predelegation Check

Domain :

Nameserver 1 :
Nameserver 2 :


Nameserver 1 :
Nameserver 2 :


Once you have completed all of the steps in the above address, the registrar will send you an email stating that you can make a DNS change within 1-2 hours.

Then you can change your DNS.